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Address Earth: The Movement - The Mission

“Being part of the mission is being part of the solution” -dcze c23

It is my mission to work toward our Planet’s sustainability – to conserve our natural resources and protect global ecosystems to support the health and well-being for all species. Now and into the future to make a change for climate change.

I support all endeavors to protect our fresh waters and Oceans and reduce my carbon footprint to reduce the CO2 emissions warming and violently disrupting our Oceans that regulate our climate.

It is my mission to work toward promoting green infrastructure that will clean our air and cool our communities. This includes encouraging all city leaders to bring trees to all streets and parking lots through ordinances. i.e. Plant it Forward Community Tree Planting Initiative

It is my mission to encourage all forms of green energy and green transportation to reduce carbon emissions to cool our planet.

Who are we?

“It’s the address we all share – Address Earth – Handle with Care”

Our history begins in 1995 as Butterflies for Kids Children’s Gardens. A fanciful 1 acre property behind my gallery. It is where Sherwin Squirrel was also created. The gardens were designed with handicap access and a magical 20 foot Monarch Butterfly made of orange and yellow Marigolds. By 2010 the program became portable teaching children not only the love of nature, but how to care for their environment. By 2015 Climate Change literacy education was incorporated as each child planted a tree to grow with at our programs. 

The Climate Change Literacy Education grew to not only educate our children, but the education worked its’ way into townships and cities for best green infrastructure, green energy and green transportation implementation for the health of the whole. 

Today, there is the documentary The Green Connection Making a Change for Climate Change and a green infrastructure workshop “Your Role in the Rain” teaching our children who to create that critical green infrastructure city. 

The education also expands to the physical location FLORAROZE Forest Watershed-Wetland Outdoor Experience. This 106 acres is partnered with The Foundation For Sustainable Forests. www.foundationforsustainableforests.org 

One of our most important movements is the Plant it Forward Community Tree Planting Initiative and the exemplary Outstanding Environmental Citizen Awards we give to businesses and citizens every year at Discover Presque Isle, Presque Isle State Park. 

This website will guide you through critical educational videos and our efforts. 

Diane Christin Zenchenko-Esser

Founder/Director Butterflies for Kids-Address Earth Kids Program

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