Who Are We?

At Address Earth, your future is our focus.

Address Earth is a Climate Change Sustainability Organization with powerful climate change educational tools to give all citizens and students a commanding voice in climate change education. As we know, having citizens take action is half the battle. At Address Earth, we give them a presentation platform that can be used to take climate change education to their city, township, borough or congressman. Links are provided to give our students and citizens the power to take our critical climate message to al governing stewards requesting urgent and immediate implementation of green infrastructure, energy and transportation. Educational tools are critical for reducing the dangerously growing carbon footprintsand the CO2 acidification that is warming our oceans and causing violent climate disruptions every day. To start your education journey, check this link out:

Our Founder

Diane Christin Zenchenko-Esser

MWEE WaterShed Ambassador
Who's Who in America 2023 Founder
Sierra Club Board Member/Secretary
The Green Connection Documentary Director

I am the producer and public speaker for The Green Connection Documentary Making a Change for Climate Change. Also, I am the founder of the environmental science program “I am a Planet Kid”, which participates at large events i.e. Discover Presque Isle.

I am also the founder of Plant It Forward Community Tree Planting Initiative. My passion, efforts, and education all work to make a change in fighting climate change, as well as to work toward a resilient and sustainable future for our children. Additionally, for these efforts, I am a 2013-2018 recipient of the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators Scholarship.

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