Are you looking to join our mission? Look no further, because this is your chance to join our growing family of people that are just as interested in saving our world as you! Below, you can see our mission statement, a credo that all of our members live by. By taking our oath, you pledge to always be someone who is forward thinking and devoted to promoting green infrastructure around the globe.

When you join us, you will receive your own membership card complete with our mission statement and oath: 

Membership Mission Statement 

It is my mission to work towards our planets sustainability – to conserve preserve our natural resources and protect global ecosystems to support health and wellbeing for all species, now and into the future, to make change for climate change. 

I support all endeavors to protect our oceans and reduce my carbon footprint to reduce the Co2 emissions warming and violently disrupting our oceans.

It is my mission to work toward promoting Green infrastructure that will clean our air and cool our communities. This includes encouraging my city leaders to bring trees to all streets and parking lots i.e. Plant It Forward Community Tree Planting Initiative. 

It is my mission to encourage all forms of green energy and green transportation to reduce carbon emissions to cool our planet.

In addition to joining an amazing group of like-minded individuals, you will also be able to get a bunch of cool things that will help you represent our mission to the fullest extent! If you are interested, check out our Movement Membership Package in the store today with the button below!

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