Presentation Template

Want to Present Green Infrastructure to Your Area?

With this fill-in-the-blank template, you can begin your own presentation to bring a larger focus on green infrastructure to your local government!

My name is __________________ and I want to bring to your attention the need for a focus on green infrastructure in the _______________ area. 

I want to create as an image for you and a cause to action.
We ARE an OCEAN Planet. Our Oceans create our weather/climate.  
CO2 fossil fuels are creating acidification and warming and violence of our Oceans. 
3.5 billion years ago the continents rose from the oceans and life began. 
200 years ago there became the rise of the industrial revolution and fossil fuel CO2 began the growing and measurable acidification in our oceans,
The warmer the Oceans the more violent the oceans. The more erratic and violent our weather causing a mounting loss of homes and lives worldwide. 
—th large swaths of green infrastructure being removed by your corporate contractors, is a giant leap backward for Raleigh. 
This is a critical time when we need Mature trees to clean and cool our atmosphere.  And where are your ordinances and actions to make these contractors culpable to replace green they have gouged out?
The amount of cement in your infrastructure is tragically exposed without enough green coverage. 
On a 100 degree day you are scurrying to get you and your car under a tree.
That is because that cement is 130 degrees! (It gets much hotter in Raleigh)
Under a tree – 70 degrees. No trees..hotter climate. Dirtier CO2 filled air.
From above we see the structure of cement throughout the country and it looks like a large circuit board. It is the HEAT CONDUIT for hotter communities 
With single car usage and insufficient green transportation, your families have an environmentally unhealthy CO2 filled community. 
For an example: Wegmans was allowed to put in their gargantuan cement parking lot and there is no green…and there COULD BE. That whole area is CO2 hot air climate dirty unhealthy! WHERE ARE YOUR ORDINANCES TO ENVIRONMENTALLY PROTECT YOUR FAMILIES? YOU AND ZONING NEED TO CREATE STRICTER GREEN ORDINANCES. 
Your residents are genuinely upset about the amount of green infrastructure being butchered.
Energy with solar VS dirty fossil fuel CO2 energy:
I don’t see any solar panels on all these large luxury homes that corporate builders, who have bid up a 900 sq. ft. home to $500,000 to build that luxury home that I might add is also adding to the affordable housing crisis.
So these corporate builders, who are destroying your trees, also have no green solar energy they must comply to. 
This is all critical to your citizen’s health. I would do a rewind and get your green back, and implement as much green energy with solar as other states are doing. 
 It is my job to educate your rapidly growing city toward sustainable best practices for climate change. It “IS” your job to mandate and create an environmentally healthy community with ordinances. Sooner than later as we are a world in climate crisis. 
Below is the critical report by the United Nations on the current growing climate crisis. Remember, your role is critical to lower all CO2 fossil fuel emissions with green energy and transportation, and rapidly bump up your ordinances so that all streets and parking lots are tree canopied. 
Once you possess this knowledge, you possess the power to make change for climate change. There is an alarming urgency to your duties to accelerate green infrastructure, energy and transportation. 
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